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From our School Nurse Consultant, Gayle Black

Posted 3 months ago by Anupama Gowda

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The following message is from Gayle Black, BSN RN, and School Nurse Consultant: 

The increase of COVID numbers around the state has increased the interest in rapid on-site testing at school.  The information below is the school district's steps to provide on-site testing with the school nurse or appropriately trained school district staff. Attached are the BinaxNow Rapid Test Guidance,  a sample COVID testing Consent, and the MOA Push Partner Blank Template. Please share this information.1. The district will need to have their local board of education and administration approve on-site COVID testing.

1.     The district will need to have their local board of education and administration approve on-site COVID testing.

 2. The local county health department (CHD) and local schools may enter into a Push Partner Agreement (sample attached). This allows the school nurses to assist the CHD in COVID 19 test collection if there was an outbreak situation in the school or if the district opts to do COVID testing following the Governor’s current Executive Order. The Push Partner Agreement enables the CHD to provide training for the nurses, fit testing of N95, contact tracing training for positive cases, and enable the school nurse to sign up for the Oklahoma Medical Reserve Corps. (OKMRC).

 3. If a PUSH Partner agreement is in place, and the school does not have a medical director to sign orders for the school nurse, the school nurse can sign up as an OKMRC volunteer. This allows the school nurse to provide testing under the Public Health Nurse (PHN) protocols and work under the health department’s medical orders. Nurses can join the OKMRC by completing the application and online orientation (25 minutes) at Within a few days, after completing the orientation post-test, the nurse will receive an e-mail from to provide information for their background check.  The background check is usually returned within 2 weeks.  The applicant will be notified by e-mail when they become a volunteer.

 4. If the school has a medical director, then their medical director can sign orders for the nurse to obtain specimens, and the OKMRC enrollment is unnecessary.

 5. Any school district providing testing must apply for the CLIA Waiver as instructed in the BinaxNOW guidance.

 6. The school district will need to order the specimen kits as instructed on the BinaxNow Guidance.

 7. All staff who will assist in testing must complete the specimen collection training video (access instructions in the BinaxNOW guidance).

 8. The school district must obtain parent/guardian written permission to obtain COVID specimens at school. (sample consent form attached).

 If you have any questions regarding OKMRC, please feel free to reach out and ask Lezlie Carter at, and if you have questions about school nurse needs and concerns, I am always available at or 405-426-8082. If you have CLIA Waiver questions, please contact medical at; or phone: 405-271-6576.