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NEW Epilepsy Foundation of Oklahoma Programs for School Nurses and Families

Posted almost 2 years ago by Joan McIntyre, BSN, RN

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School Nurse Organization of Oklahoma,

My name is Vicki Kopplin and I’m working with the Epilepsy Foundation of Oklahoma.  We have several new programs coming up that I think school nurses in Oklahoma will be interested in!

The first is a FREE webinar on February 20, 2017.  This webinar is designed for people impacted by epilepsy.   

We also have FREE school nurse training available online and training just for school personnel.  More info here on free trainings for your schools.

We are also starting a new program, Kids Crew! for kids in Oklahoma impacted by epilepsy.   

Lots happening in Oklahoma to help improve the lives of families and people living with the challenges of seizures.

 Vicki Kopplin

Senior Director Chapter Operations

Epilepsy Foundation


Cell: 651.246.2001

Check out the attached file for more Epilepsy Foundation of Oklahoma information!